ABM (Anti Bear Market) Protocol


The idea of capitalizing the upside potential and preventing downside, gave birth to “dotBTC” . The innovative derivative behind abm protocol, whose value mimics the BTC and keeps growing with BTC value as price grows , but stops mimicking BTC when its price declines and the price of “dotBTC” stays around ATH (All Time High) value keeping “dotBTC” investors in a safe spot preventing market to eat their gains.

Behavior of dotBTC

How to generate dotBTC

  • User creates a vault and deposit collateral tokens into the vault.
  • Current collateralization ratio is asset specific to generate dotBTC.
  • The user can mint dotTokens based on the collateral deposited and collateralization ratios.
  • The creator of the vault must maintain the collateralization requirements at all times. If the collateralization ratios are not met, the vault will be liquidated to buy back the dotBTC minted and remaining collateral after paying back minted dotBTC will be returned back to the vault.
  • For maintaining the collateralization ratios , the creators of vault are rewarded with governance tokens , which is the backbone to governance decisions.



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